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Biomaterials and Chemicals
Innovative Wood Products and Building Systems
Innovative Green Papers
Value Chain Modeling

Network Boards of Directors

NSERC Strategic Network on Innovative Wood Products and Building Systems

Lynn Embury-Williams
Director of Marketing and Business Development
Canfor Wood Products Marketing
Grant Newfield, Principal
Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
Andrew Harmworth, Principal
GHL Consultants Ltd.
Roger Cheng, Chair and C.W. Carry Professor of Steel Structures
Department of Civil Engineering
University of Alberta
J. Daniel Dolan, Professor, Director of Codes and Standards and Acting Director
Department of Civil Engineering
Washington State University
Ian Hartley, Dean of Graduate Programs
University of Northern British Columbia
Morad Atif, Director General
NRC Institute for Research in Construction
Non-Voting Members
Helen Griffin, Vice-President, Codes and Engineering
Canadian Wood Council
Erol Karacabeyli, Manager, Building Systems Department
FPInnovations, Forintek Division
Robert Jones, Director, Canadian Forest Service
Natural Resources Canada
Jyotsna Dalvi, Director, Forest Industries Directorate
Industry Canada
Y.H. Chui, Network Scientific Director, Professor
University of New Brunswick
Shaheer Mikhail, Account Manager
Kenneth Koo, Network Liaison Manager

NSERC Strategic Network on Value Chain Optimization

Jason Linkewich, Vice-President, Fibre Supply Strategy
Tembec Inc.
Dave Chamberlain, General Manager
Kruger Inc.
Catherine Cobden, Vice-President
Economics and Regulatory Affairs
Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC)
Yves Bergeron, Senior Chair, NSERC-UQAT-UQAM
Industrial Research Chair in Sustainable Forest Management
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Winnifred HaysByl, Acting Director, Research and Knowledge Managment Branch Competitiveness and Innovation Division
BC Forest Research Branch Office
David Hayhurst, Director
Ontario Ministry of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry
Darcie Booth, Director, Economic Analysis Division
Canadian Forest Service
Non-Voting Members
Peter Lister, General Manager of the Feric Division
Sophie D'Amours, Network Scientific Director, NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Collaborative Integration and Synchronization of the Forest Products Supply Chains, FORAC Research Consortium Director
Université Laval
Driss Haboudane, Account Manager
Torsten Lihra, Network Liaison Manager

NSERC Biomaterials and Chemicals Strategic Network

Janusz Lusztyk, Director General
Institute for Chemical Process and Environmental Technology
National Research Council of Canada
John Kadla, Network Scientific Director, Professor
Department of Wood Science
The University of British Columbia
Rory Gilsenan, Chief, Resource Economics and Bioenergy
Canadian Forest Service
Natural Resources Canada
John Tao, VP Open Innovation
Weyerhaeuser Co.
Mike Rushton, Chief Operating Officer
Tom Browne, Program Manager
Mechanical Pulping and Biorefinery
Lorne Morrow, Chief Executive Officer
Centre for Research Innovation in the Bio-economy (CRIBE)
John Hepburn, Vice-President, Research and International Relations
The University of British Columbia
Ted Hewitt, VP Research and International Relations
The University of Western Ontario
Dave McDonald, Consultant
Murray McLaughlin, President
Sustainable Chemistry Alliance
Non-Voting Members
Reginald Thériault, Account Manager
John Schmidt, Network Liaison Manager
FPInnovations Paprican Division

NSERC Green Fibre Network

Martin Fairbank, Senior Advisor
Resolute Forest Products
Gilles Dorris, Program Manager, Fibre Products Manufacturing
Mélanie Turgeon, Agente de développement industriel, Direction du développement de l’industrie des produits forestiers
Ministère des Ressources Naturelles et de la Faune
George Bruemmer, Executive Director of Canadian Wood Fibre Centre
Natural Resources Canada
Craig Crawford, President and CEO
Bioauto Council
Ken Kehrer, Research Fellow
Armstrong World Industries
Dick Kerekes, Professor Emeritus
Pulp and Paper Centre
The University of British Columbia
Alex Koukoulas, Managing Director
ANL Consultants LLC
Roger Gaudreault, Corporate Director, Scientific Development and Innovation
Cascades Inc.
Non-Voting Members
Theodorus van de Ven, Network Scientific Director
NSERC/FPInnovations, Paprican Industrial Research Chair in Colloid and Papermaking Chemistry
McGill University
Wendy Ryan, RPP Manager
Norayr Gurnagul, Network Liaison Manager
FPInnovations, Paprican Division

NSERC Strategic Network - SENTINEL - The Canadian Network for the Development and use of Bioactive Paper

Acting Chair
Denis Therien, Interim Vice-Principal
McGill University
Alan Potter, Vice-President
Jan Sumerel, Manager, Biomedical Sciences
Martin Pelletier, Consultant
Cascades Canada
Kirsi Partti-Pellinen, Specialist, Microbiology Packaging Boards Stora
Enso Research
Rick Joyce, Vice-President Technology
Sun Chemicals
Robert Pelton, Sentinel Network Scientific Director
McMaster University
Elsie Quaite-Randall, Executive Director
Industry Liaison Office
McMaster University
Bradley Fox, Director, Technology Transfer Networks
Ontario Centres of Excellence
Gord Surgeoner, President
Ontario Agri-Food Technologies
Huining Xaio, Professor
University of New Brunswick
Daniel Schabacker, Team Leader, Bio-Detection Technologies
Argonne National Laboratories
Marie-Esther Saint Victor, Section Manager Enterprise Innovation and Technology Division
SC Johnson
David McDonald, Consultant
Non-Voting Members
George Rosenberg, Network Liaison Manager
Wendy Ryan, Portfolio Manager

NSERC Strategic Network on Forest Management for Value-Added Products - ForValueNet

Pierre Monahan, Corporate Director and Business Management Consultant
Gaz métro
Marc Bédard, Forestry Director
AbitibiBowater Inc.
Robert Jobidon, Partner Representative
Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife
Quebec Government
Denis Ouellet, Partner Representative
Natural Resources Canada
Peter Marshall, Network Researcher
The University of British Columbia
Phil Comeau, Scientific Committee, Scientific Director,
University of Alberta
Denis Mayrand, Host University Representative
Université Laval
Non-Voting Members
Michel Vincent, Consultant
Del Degan Massé et associés
Ken Hogginbotham
Marc-André Lapointe, Faculty of Administration
Université de Sherbrooke
Driss Haboudane, Account Manager
Alain Cloutier, Strategic Networks Scientific Director
Université Laval
Daniel Breton, Network Liaison Manager
Université Laval

NSERC Bioconversion Network

Ian de la Roche, Former President and CEO
David Anderson, Former Federal Minister of Environment and Minister of Fisheries and Oceans
Robert Benson, R&D Director
GreenField Ethanol
Brian Davison, Chief Scientist, Systems Biology and Biotechnology
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Marc Fortin, Assistant Deputy Minister
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Kevin Hall, VP Research
University of Guelph
Blaine Kenedy, Manager, Screening and Evaluation
Sustainable Technology Development Canada (SDTC)
David McDonald, Former Vice-President
Research and Education
Alan Potter, Vice President, Strategic Technologies and Initiatives
Rob Wellwood, Manager, Forest Products
Alberta Innovates-Technology futures
Hung Lee, Network Scientific Director, Co-Scientific Director, Professor
School of Environmental Sciences
University of Guelph
Jack Saddler, Co-Scientific Director, Dean and Professor
Faculty of Forestry
The University of British Columbia
Non-Voting Members
Réginald Thériault, Program Officer
Claire McAneney, Program Officer
Goretty Dias, Network Liaison Manager
School of Environmental Sciences
University of Guelph